FR Episode 21: Drive

This week join Dave, Ryan and, brand new special guest, Papa McNeil as we strap on our driving gloves and our steely gazes to discuss the 2011 hit, Drive. We also give our definitive opinions on Hugo, Arrested Development, Mad Men, Peep Show, and the state of great television in which we’ve found ourselves existing.

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FR Episode 20: Moneyball

This week we are calling our shot and going deep with Moneyball. Joining us this week is Dave’s roommate and filmmaker, Andrew Donoho. After 9 innings of Moneyball, we get into Andrew’s path to becoming a director and we go around the room and find out what everyone has been watching.

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FR Episode 19: Ruthless People

“What the hell’s the point of being a decent person when no-one is? Let’s be assholes and get rich!” This week we get ruthless with a review from the timeless 80′s classic Ruthless People, with special guest host The Debi Master. Also, for the first time ever Dave and Ryan square off in a game of Tagline Schmagline for the ages! Who will be crowned champion of the schmagline??

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FR Episode 18: Bridesmaids

Who doesn’t love a good coming-of-30s story involving crude humor and a wedding? Almost no one. That’s why Hollywood remakes this story so often. Every now and then though, they do it right, and that’s why we’re hosting a show about Bridesmaids. Also Tagline Schmagline!

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FR Episode 17: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

The long awaited Tucker and Dale episode is finally here! Kamikaze coeds are out to rescue their beautiful blonde friend from a couple of psycho hillbillies. The only problem is Tucker and Dale aren’t bloodthirsty kidnappers, they are just a couple of good ol’ boys trying to fix up a cabin (hijinks ensue). Also Stutterbomb and Indy Dave, play a game of tagline for the ages!

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FR Episode 16: Dawn of the Dead

Thank you for being so patient with us! We’ve had many distractions and that doesn’t count the holiday season in our way of making new episodes. But! We have risen from the dead, like our movie subjects tonight. Aim for the head, it’s the Dawn of the Dead. Plus, we discuss teenagers with super powers, roadies for The Blue Oyster Cult, and the fact that Tom Cruise blows up better than anyone else on Earth.

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FR Episode 15: The Descent

So all you’d like to do is getaway for the weekend, head to the mountains, and release some tension with a few friends. Maybe go on an adventure while you’re up there. Maybe even…go spelunking in an old cave. Well, it’s all fun and games until the cave monsters show up. Join us this week as we go deep inside Neil Marshall’s The Descent, as well as play a little Tagline Schmagline to lighten the mood. It’s Halloween people, boo.

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FR Episode 14: The Debt

War criminals, secret agents, stuntmen drivers, epic cartoons and more talk about Korean directors. All of this and with the company of The Hooker with a Heart of Gold and The Black Swan. Join us! Or we’ll stab you and make it look like an accident.

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FR Episode 13: The Bridge

If you friends jumped off a bridge would you? I certainly hope not. Especially if it’s the Golden Gate Bridge. Join us this week as we cast a long shadow on one of our national icons with the documentary The Bridge. We also talk about a couple of late-summer comedies involving a bomb vest and switching bodies with someone else, and the Swedish Milennium Trilogy. Episode 13 lives!

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FR Episode 12: Tabloid

A wise man once said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by a Mormon missionary.” I believe that man was probably the Mormon missionary who scorned Joyce McKinney. Join us this week as we take on Errol Morris’ new documentary Tabloid with special guesthosts, Conspiracy Cathy and Bombshell Lindsey. We also dive into Nicholas Cage, Roman Polanski, and rednecks committed to fighting evil in this week’s Trailer Trash. Listen, or Joyce McKinney will come calling!

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