FR Episode 11: Hobo with a Shotgun

Only one thing can cure these dirty streets of their filth! Vigilante justice! That’s right listeners, we’re reviewing Hobo with a Shotgun. Join Ryan, myself and our very special guest host Stutterbomb as we delve into the psychotic mind of a good-hearted hobo who just wants to live a nice clean life on the streets. We’ll also be discussing rock-a-billy mechanics, Adam Sandler’s latest acting shark jump, and a board game turned movie in an entertaining Trailer Trash segment. Listen! Or else!

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FR Episode 10: Captain America

What could be more American than a couple of know-it-all’s sitting down to critique a super-hero movie? Well, I’ll tell you what: Captain freaking-America, that’s what. Join us this week as we take on the last of the summer super-hero films. And we also discuss what we’ve been watching lately, which includes, a disgruntled hit-man, Britain’s most violent prisoner, and a film about beginning called Beginners. Episode 10 wants you!

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FR Episode 9: TrollHunter

You ever wonder sometimes if those childhood fables that your mom and dad read to you were ever based in any sort of reality? Well, Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal is doing his best to make sure you continue wondering about those fables. Join Ryan, myself, and our special guest, The Hooker with a Heart of Gold as we tackle Magnet Films’ latest release, TrollHunter. And The Hooker will try and redeem her poor showing in episode 6′s Tagline Schmagline by re-entering the Terrordome. Trrrrrooooooooooollllllllll!!!!!!!!

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FR Episode 8: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Well, the Earth is in jeopardy yet again. And it’s up to a handful of robots, some rogue soldiers, and a couple of teenagers to save us. Again. Come along with us this week as we delve into the glossy intricacies of Michael Bay’s latest film with our trusty summer blockbuster host, Blockbuster Stu. Episode 8 Transform!!!

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FR Episode 7: Our Rapid Fire Review Show

This week we’re talking about mutants, machetes, mothers, monsters, musicians, and much much more. Open those Netflix queues and get ready to add add add! We’re doing a rapid-fire review show discussing everything we’ve seen the past few weeks.

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FR Episode 6: Sherman’s March

Whether you’re a man who’s recently been heart-broken, or a military general trying to gain the approval of your peers, true love is hard to find. We explore this, and many other colorful topics while reviewing Ross McElwee’s 1986 accidental masterpiece. We also have a brand new special guest host in The Hooker with a Heart of Gold, a riveting game of Tagline Schmagline, and a discussion about what’s coming out in theaters soon with Trailer Trash. Join us for episode six!

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FR Episode 5: The Hangover Part 2

A couple of years ago we woke up in Las Vegas and had no idea what happened the night before. Join us this week as we wake up in Bangkok, and do the whole thing over again. We also welcome back Blockbuster Stu and first-timer Scuba Mike to help us out with Episode 5!

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FR Episode 4: Marwencol


A near life-ending attack on an innocent man, and he decides to cope with his recovery by creating another world on a 1/6 scale. This week we discuss the documentary, Marwencol. We also get into face tattoos, e-cigarettes, and Bret Easton Ellis’ article on the New Empire of fame. Finally, we’ll talk about a hammer-wielding god and a movie that Wong Kar-Wai apparently made in his spare time. Episode 4 is in the books!

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FR Episode 3: Return of the Jedi

For this episode, join us and our guest host, The Debi Master, as we discuss her maiden voyage through the original Star Wars trilogy.

We’ve also got an epic game of Tagline Schmagline, and a What Are You Looking At? segment concerning a South Korean revenge film, a strange isolationist Greek picture, and an arm-wrestling documentary.

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FR Episode 2: The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

For this episode we’re going to spend some time with one of America’s craziest families: The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Join us and our special guest host, Bombshell Lindsey, as we delve into the Johnny Knoxville produced documentary that you’re definitely going to be talking about.

We’ve also got another game of Tagline Schmagline, more Trailer Trash, and our first edition of What Are You Looking At?

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